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Climax and Orgasm

How insatiable is the appetite of woman! Sexual climaxes are built one upon another by the conscious control of the otherwise involuntary urge to orgasm. During the preliminary stages of love-making both the Lingam and Yoni expand and sexual tension is built up, awaiting release through orgasm.
The slower and more gentle the love-movements, the more intense the pleasure-sensations. Sexual climax is approached as the tension/pleasure interface causes both Lingam and Yoni to manifest a series of contractions.
These contractions begin in the sexual region and extend throughout the whole body; they create a heightened urge to achieve release through orgasm. Thus, expansion and contraction are the two main factors that bring one to the high experience of sexual climax are at the beginning and end of all creation.
For sexual climaxes to be built one upon another, there must be a high degree of mutual cooperation between the Yogi and Yogini. The Yogi must strive to control his own climax while maintaining the tension/pleasure experience and bring his precious partner to the peak of orgasm. On her part, the Yogini should surrender to the rising urge to climax, without any inhibition; she should consciously induce the normally involuntary contractions of her Yoni and her whole body as it approaches climax and focus all her attention on achieving total physical fulfillment.
Riding his partner's consciously produced Wave of Ecstasy, the Yogi retains while the Yogini climaxes. In order to achieve total control over retention, he should contract his anal sphincter muscles, draw in his stomach and hold his breath while rolling or turning up his eyes and focusing his mind on the ideal of penetrating transcendence. If necessary, the Yogi should press the secret place between his anus and Lingam to aid in controlling retention.
As the climax of the Yogini is achieved, a subtle bio-electrical exchange takes place between the Lingam and the Yoni.
In his mind's eye the Yogi should imagine he is drawing in his partner's released sexual charge and blending it with his own unreleased energy. Drawing in and retaining, the Yogi should again stimulate the tension/pleasure experience in the Yogini.
After a brief descent from the heights of climax in fulfillment, the Yogini's Wave of Ecstasy rises again, striving to become one with the cause of her delight. As her climax peaks a second time, roles are exchanged: the Yogini must maintain the high level of ecstasy by stimulating the tension/pleasure experience while the Yogi becomes almost overwhelmed by the ebbing tide orgasm. As the Yogi is about to surrender into descent, the Yogini should draw up the Wave of Ecstasy once again and bring her partner's penetrating sexuality into convergence with her own capacity for ascent to new heights of climax. As the natural convergence of sexual energies takes place, the conjoined Wave of Ecstasy rises higher and breaks through to new peaks of transcendence. No words can truly describe this liberating experience.
This process of ascent by riding the Waves of Ecstasy can be repeated over successive climaxes of the Yogini. In each stage the Yogini stimulates, the Yogi retains, and then roles are exchanged. The Yogini must know how to stimulate the release of maximum sexual energy in both herself and her partner without losing control. Yet she must also surrender herself totally to the urge to climax. For his part, the Yogi must have voluntary control over his own orgasm, yet be able to surrender completely to the descending wave of energy from his partner, just after her climax. In each successive climax of the Yogini the plateau effect of climax is extended and then brought to a higher level by the switching of roles just at the moment of potential descent. Correctly practiced, this leads to the timeless experience of transcendence, the union of Voidness and Bliss.
there are four distinct levels of ascent, which are associated with the four main Chakras at the navel, heart, and the four mystical Moments of Union, called 'variety,' 'development,' 'consummation' and 'transcendence,' and with the evolution of the Four Joys. At the fourth level of climaxes built one upon another, there is a feeling neither of self nor of otherness, neither beginning nor end, neither thought nor thinker.

Sex magic can be practiced without fear only when the emotions are completely understood, purified and consciously controlled. This does not mean that emotions should be suppressed, but rather that they should be directed. If a couple wish to practice sex magic, the altering of life's circumstances through the power of sex, they should strive to resolve conflicting dualities within themselves, strengthening their weaknesses and developing their capacity for creative innovation. An open, quick and flexible mind is essential to achievement of success in sex magic.

There are many secret breathing techniques associated with the control of sexuality. The complete breath of conscious inhalation, retention and exhalation, drawing in from the lower abdomen, aids conscious control over all body functions; the retention phase is particularly linked to control over involuntary orgasm. The cooling breath, which is brought about by inhaling only through the left nostril, calms the urge to orgasm, as does the crow-beak breath, inhaling through the rolled up tongue. Likewise the heating breath, which consists in inhaling only through the right nostril, stimulates the sexual drive and brings one closer to climax.

If one consciously mimics the normal breathing of a person approaching sexual climax, the passions will automatically be stirred up. In the approach phase of her different climaxes the Yogini should thus gain conscious control over her approaching orgasm by using breathing as a potent ally. Similarly, to maintain control over retention, the Yogi should still using breathing and keep his awareness fixed on balancing the solar and lunar forces of his being. Whenever necessary he should emphasize one breath or the other, depending on whether he is in an active or passive role.

A secret Tantric technique known as womb breathing consists of lying in a fetal position and taking only very shallow breaths from the region of the abdomen while imagining nourishment entering through the navel region.
This type of breathing is extremely vitalizing and attracts energy from whoever is in close proximity to you.

Sexual energy is stored in its raw form in the Sex Chakra at the base of the spine. In its transformed state, sexual energy can be concentrated in any of the other Chakras, but especially in the Head Chakra.
This is true with both men and women. Sexual energy is naturally transformed and stored in the bodies of men and woman when they make love together harmoniously.
Transformed sexual energy is a source of inspiration and insight and can be drawn on in times of need.
Though an individual can bring about some degree of transformation of sexual energy alone by the correct practice of Hatha Yoga and creative meditation, it is not comparable to the transformation of sexual energy that can be brought about by a couple completing each other through successive heights of ecstasy. That is why it is said, Though Yogis can advance far on their own, for them to break through into Immortality they must seek to complete themselves with consorts.'


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