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Female PC Muscle:
How can strengthening the female PC Muscle be important?

For women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, there may be a solution; a series of simple exercises. For men, these exercises seem to make erections easier and increase control of orgasm. 

The lack of orgasm in women during intercourse is very common, from 33% to 80% of all women. Doctors have confirmed that the ability to have orgasm correlates with the contraction strength of the pubbococcygeus, or PC muscle. Women who don't experience orgasms, tend to have weak PC muscles.

Although the PC muscle is interwoven with and surrounded by four other sets of pelvic muscles, it is the master muscle of the pelvis muscles. When healthy and fit, it holds a taut straight line. When its weak, the PC and the pelvic organs it supports tend to sag, which can lead to urinary incontinence and other sexual problems.

How can my partner strengthen her PC muscle?

PC exercises are simple! They're deceptive, both because these minor movements can have such major health benefits and because it's easy to work the wrong muscle. The PC muscle is like any other muscle, with too strenuous exercises it can become sore.

The PC muscle should be about 3/4 inches wide when fully developed. It's located about 2 inches within the vagina and runs circularly. This muscle contains most of the nerve endings found in the vagina and is the source of the sexual vagina feeling.

First you need to find the muscle. Sit on the toilet, spread your legs as far as possible, and start and stop the flow of urine. For both women and men, the PC muscle is the only one that can accomplish this. Start and stop the flow three times to set the PC action in your mind. Then empty the bladder completely. To make sure of working the right muscle while exercising, women can insert a finger into the vagina and feel the contractions.

Exercise 1 (Squeeze): Squeeze and hold the PC muscle for about three seconds .. relax .. and repeat the process. This exercise may be repeated as often during the day as desired. Short sets of 25 are recommended. If you become sore, it's important to stop exercising your PC muscle for a few days.

Exercise 2 (Tighten): Contract and release the PC muscle about ten contractions at a time, depending on the condition of the muscle. The contractions during orgasms are more rapid.

Exercise 3 (Holds): Maximally contract the PC and hold for 10 seconds. At the very end of the contraction, squeeze once rapidly, harder and deeper, then release for 10 seconds.

All the exercises can be continued indefinitely. Increased muscle tone results in greater sensation during intercourse for both partners. Some men report that performing several voluntary contractions as they feel themselves getting closer to ejaculation enables them to last longer. Both men and women benefit greatly from a strong PC muscle.

This page last updated: 02/27/2018

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