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Orgasmic Consciousness Breath
by Suzie Hanuman

PRANA (Sanskrit) - " Life-force". A Yogic term for vitality and breath. The name of the upward moving breath, which causes the spirit to evolve. PRANAYAMA (Sanskrit) - The science of Prana. Yogic breathing practices that are aids to Liberation. (Thank you to "Sexual Secrets" by Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger) 

Breath is life. Mice breathe very fast - they live short lives. Tortoises breathe very slowly - they live long lives. Breathing is not a conscious activity for most humans. We expect to just be able to do it. Yet the key to greater health and vitality, experiences of higher consciousness states and the full body orgasm is mastery of the breath. Yogis place a great emphasis on learning to deepen and lengthen the breath. Becoming conscious of the breath and it's patterns is the first step in this process. 

This is a simple but profound practice. Allow about 15 minutes for this exercise. Wear loose clothing without a belt and allow at least an hour since your last meal. Lie comfortably on the floor on your back in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Rest a few minutes and then begin to notice your breath. How are you breathing? Through your mouth? Does your chest rise or your belly? Notice. 

After you've briefly observed yourself put your hands lightly on your abdomen and begin to breath into your hands. Take long slow breaths through your nose and visibly but gently force your belly to rise and fall with the breath. You may really have to focus on this. Don't breath into your chest. This will be difficult for some people and easier for others. Practice sustaining this slow, steady breathing making sure to observe the gentle rising of the abdomen. Take really deep breaths. Make them slow and deliberate. Slow them as much as possible. Keep it up for ten minutes. Stay relaxed. Don't be frustrated with yourself if this is hard. You're in the process of learning something new and valuable. If this is easy for you just focus your awareness on your belly and breath as a meditation practice. 

Try practicing this as much as possible to help it become easier and freer. Notice the times during your day that you might be breathing your old way. When we are frightened or upset we become chest breathers. This leads to a feedback loop of increased anxiety. In those moments attempt to consciously change your breath right then and there. You will calm yourself and be able to function much more effectively. 

If you find yourself holding your breath take a long, slow belly breath and clean out your system. Continue with the deep belly breath. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT DURING LOVEMAKING. Both men and women unconsciously hold their breath as they are building their orgasmic energy during lovemaking. This does NOT facilitate orgasm let alone deep, full-body orgasm. If you notice that you're holding your breath during lovemaking and at the time right before orgasm, relax, let go and expand your abdomen with your breath. This deep belly breath opens the channels to allow the full-body orgasm. It will help you relax and build orgasms faster, too. 

Next step: Practicing with a partner might be the next step in conscious breathing for some of you. You can try this in several variations. 

1) Spooning position: Spooning is just what it seems like. Stacked spoons fit together. The two of you lie front to back with the person behind placing a hand on the front person's heart center. Gently begin to breath together. It usually is best for the slightly faster breather to follow the slower breather. Often this is the man following the woman, but there are exceptions. Stay relaxed and non-goal oriented. Breath into your bellies. Try to continue for five minutes. This is also an excellent way to re-connect during or after an argument. 

2) Face-to-face: This position can either be lying face-to-face or sitting face-to-face. If you choose to sit, sit cross-legged as close as you can get or in the yab-yum position. Yab-yum is when one person sits cross-legged and the partner sits facing astride them with their legs wrapped around behind their partner. You can support each other in this position by putting the right hand on you partners lower back. It's also wonderful to place your left hand on your partners heart center. Face each other, eyes softly focused and open. Stay relaxed and non-goal oriented. Breath into your bellies. Try to continue for at least five minutes. 


This page last updated: 02/27/2018

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