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Ritual 1

-taken from sexual secrets.

prepare space, soft blankets in the circle, candles outside circle.
Cleans space with salt and water,
incense, oriental rose.
There should always be some fresh fruit, sweets and a beverage readily available. Partaking of food during love-making has symbolic significance and is stimulating to the sense of taste and to the vitality of the body. Passion increases thirst, and it is quite natural to want to quench it. all the five senses come into play in evolved erotic activity; conscious evocation of the senses potentizes the whole experience of love.

both partners take a cold bath. This has the effect of vitalizing and toning up the psyche. we have no oil for this ritual. next relax hatha yoga.

Next by sitting in lotus or crossed legged, facing each other. practice simple meditation, clearing their minds of any worldly habitual thoughts and regulating their breath by gentle alternate-nostril or Solar-Luna Breathing. When both feel completely relaxed and harmonized, they are then ready to proceed with the Secret Rite itself. A simple aid to harmonization of breath and mood is shared singing, which can accompany a recording. The main point is that it should be devotional or transcendental in nature.

The first part of the Secret Rite is the honoring of the female principle, the Shakti, both externally and internally. The man performs external honoring by seating his partner on a pillow or cushion in front of him, lightly wrapping her body with a red or violet shawl of cotton, wool or silk. Imagining her as the most beautiful goddess in the whole universe, he should bring to mind her best qualities and gently massage should be concentrated on the region around and between her largest toes, Humming a Mantra gently to himself, the man should endow this moment with potency and expectation......
The couple should both perform inward honoring by remebering the purpose of the ritual, which is to become totally unified with one's origin. Evoking the Kundalini-power within each of them, they should visualize a molten-gold serpentine energy wave uncoiling at the base of their spines. The powers of fantasy and imagination should be drawn on to make the Kundalini excited. conceived of as a primordial ecstatic female being, the Kundalini should be endowed with emotional energy. From this point on in the ritual, the partners must forget their personal, human identities and know themselves only as shiva and shakti, the supreme Couple.
Starting with her right side, the man should gradually move his hands up the woman's body, gently touching her with his fingertips, in this sequence: right toe, right foot, right knee, right thigh, Yoni, right
buttock, navel, midddle of chest, right breast, right side, right side of throat, right cheek, lower lip, right eye and top of her head. Then he should descend to her left eye, upper lip, left cheek, left side of throat, left side, left breast, middle of chest, navel, left buttock, Yoni, left thigh, left knee, left foot and left toe. This sequence links directly into the lunar cycle of passion in woman. Gently vibrating his hands as he touches these erogenous zones, the man should visualize energy streaming out of his fingertips, exciting passion in his partner.
She should visualize herself as a Living Goddess, a receptacle of love, his Precious Crucible. Concentrating upon the release of erotic energy, she should stimulate her sexuality by deep breathing and by gently rocking her body backward and forward. Feeling the Kundalini vibrating within, the woman should empower her whole being with a sense of expectancy.
The man should contemplate the flame of a candle or lamp and then return his gaze to his partner's body. He should gently apply perfumed oil (of musk, patchouli or sandlawood, preferably) to her pubic hair, navel, heart region, throat, forehead and top of her head, while mentally invoking the following ancient saying: "Woman is fire. Sexual energy is the fuel; her Yoni is the flame: her pubic hair, the smoke; penetration, the offering; pleasurable feelings, the sparks. In this fire, the gods offer up their semen. From such offerings, every being is born."
The man should apply additional perfumed oil to her hair, behind her ears and to the palms of her hands, all the while controlling his mind by theuse of Mantra and meditation. For this ritual, the Mantra "OM-AH-HUM," as expounded in "Noises of Love,"is particularly suitable. He should honor his partner, placing flowers in her hair or a garland around her neck. He can appply body makeup to her, or do andything that is exalting and stimulating to his partner in her role as a Living Goddess. During this time, it is most important that the man remain steady and controlled, his consciousness focused on the intention of the ritual.

The woman now moves slightly to the left of her partner and should begin to arouse him with movements of her hands and lips over his body. In so doing, she should think of her Lover as lord Shiva himself, the supreme Yogi; she should honor his Lingam as the shiva Lingam, anointing it with oil. Once the female partner is located to the left of the man, she takes on the role of sex initiatress.
She should perform self-worship by lighting some incense sticks and moving them in a circular or undulating serpentine motion around herself and her partner, in a clockwise dirction. While doing so , she should imagine that all negative influences are excluded; that she is insulating herself and her partner from the rest of existence.

The couple can now commence the act of love-making, either in a seated or lying position. Seated positions are generally more effective for prolonged intimate contact, and can be aided by the skillful use of cushions and pillows. All Eastern texts are unanimous in saying that sexual rites should begin with the woman sitting on the right of the man and then moving over to his left side for the stage of sexual fulfillment. The right side is associated with the solar breath, logical thought processes, the lineage of ancestors, and so on, whereas the left side is assoicated with the Lunar breath, intuition, and the mystic lineage of teachers and initiators.
Love making should be gentle, sensual and reciprocal. With the Lingam inserted into the Yoni, the couple should explore the peaks and plateaus of loving. Alternating moving with stillnes the Tantric couple should endeavor to anticipate the approach of climax in each other, coordinating their loving so as to release surges of energy that mutually enrich their whole being. The longer they can maintain heightened sexual excitement without climax, the more transcendental the experience will be.
Postures can be varied to create new forms for sexual energy to flow through. Posture changing aids retention and empowers the love-rite with new potential. Ideally the couple should discuss and work out beforehand a basic sequence of love-postures, or even a strategy for their love-making, as this will enable them to avoid physical misunderstandings and allow them to elevate love-making to its highest form. However, ultimately a spontaneous awareness should supersede any predetermined order of love-making. Once the fabric of ritual is integrated into the consciousness of the couple they must draw on thier inner resources to add depth and dimension to the ritual.
When the man is about to ejaculate, he should make a big effort to draw the energy upward, tracing the fl owin his mind's eye. He should mentally intone the seed Mantra "SWAHA" (or"OM SWAHA") at the moment of ejaculation, and touch the top of his partner's head, or between her eyes, as an act of empowerment.

# # # # # # # # # # #

Ritual love-making, like all important acts, should grow naturally and develop out of self-confidence and self-knowledge. A synthesis of sexual union, proper practice, right intention and the guidance of the heart is the secret formula of all Trantric high ritual.

Parts of Secret Rite can be incorporated into every act of loving. Mainly it is the mental attitude of exaltation that is important, as well as the sense of expectancy. Once there has been a shared orgasm, or a prolonged plateau of ecstasy, try to open yourself up to new dimensions. Let your creative imagination be fed by the intuition and, while still in intimate union, you will find that there are many secrets that will dawn of their own accord. Love-making is a doorway to transcendental ecstasy. The doorway of Tantric love is ever open to those who bring their highest qualities and intentions as a ritual offering.

arrangement of postures:
Start with Shakti on top...
Shiva sits up and Shakti rides hugging... movements change in sponteaity to the moment.
Shiva lifts Shakti's legs up over his head, tell she can handle that posture no more and moves on top with Shakti spreading her legs wide...
moving caressing kissing licking rocking...
maybe have candle wax, ice, fruit, feathers etc as added stimulation or arousal.

ending with a close kiss and hug, to sleep in ecstatic bliss.


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