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Secrets of the G-Spot:
What is the G-Spot?

Unlike men, women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, or G-Spot stimulation. Your partner may already climax fairly easily with clitoral stimulation or during intercourse. However, there is an area for stimulation inside her vagina called the G-Spot that you may not have found. Most people don't know about it. The G-Spot is a bean shaped mass of nerve tissue located about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the top of the cervix. The G-Spot is the focal point of the female sexual arousal. The size and location of the G-Spot will vary from woman to woman, but it's usually about the size of a quarter, and lies two to three inches inside the vagina directly behind the pubic bone. You may be able to help her have added pleasure, experience new sensations, and perhaps have a new type of climax. 

Where can I find the G-Spot?

The G-Spot is not easily located. Sometimes women have a hard time finding it and do not even believe they have one. Here is an easy method to finding it.

To explore this area, have your partner lie down, knees bent and feet flat on the bed, with a small pillow under her buttocks. Insert the length of your lubricated fingers into her vagina towards her navel. This will be about two inches inside the vagina. Press with one or two fingers against the front wall of her vagina. Because it's surrounded with tissue and is deep in the vaginal wall, you may want to apply a little more pressure than usual.

When you stimulate the right spot, it will swell the way your penis does. Slide your fingers from side to side. Have your partner tell you when you hit the right place. She will be able to tell. When you find the sensitive spot, continue stimulating it and you may find that it becomes firm and swells much like the erectile tissue in your penis.

How do I stimulate the G-Spot?

Now that you've found the G-Spot, kneeling between your partner's legs you can use the thumb of your other hand to gently stimulate her clitoris at the same time. This combination should give her very intense sensations. She may climax in this position, or you have the alternative of continuing in a different position.

If your partner turns over onto her back, you can stimulate her G-Spot most easily if you lie between her legs. Then try inserting two fingers and rub against the bottom of the vaginal opening, press upward with the tips of your fingers until you are pressing her G-Spot. Move your fingers from back and side to side. You can give her great pleasure by licking your partners clitoris and stimulating her G-Spot at the same time.

Another method is to have your partner lie on her belly with her legs spread apart and her hips slightly elevated. Insert your fingers with your palm down, into her vagina and explore the front wall. Have your partner move her pelvis to make contact with your fingers. As you feel your partner become more aroused, slip the other hand under her abdomen above her pubic hairs and slowly press. 

What else is important about the g-spot?

Many women enjoy the "doggy" position during intercourse because it stimulates the G-Spot. This is because a man's penis has better access to the front wall of the vagina. Most women need firmer pressure to the front of the vagina, quick rhythm, and a lot of friction to have a G-Spot orgasm.

Some women get a feeling of the need to urinate at first when the G-Spot is stimulated. Your partner may need to empty her bladder before you begin love making.

It's possible that by stimulating the G-Spot your partner may ejaculate a small amount of white or clear fluid when she climaxes.

This page last updated: 02/27/2018

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