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The Grace of the Goddess
Mother-Love, Tenderness, Comfort,
Mystical Enlightenment.

Imagine a woman . . .

"It is the great tragedy of our Western society
that we have virtually lost the ability to
experience the transformative
power of ecstasy and joy.
Ecstasy was once considered
the favor of the gods,
a divine gift that could lift us out of our ordinary reality
into the realm of the immortal soul."

Robert Johnson


Ecstasy is the final stage of intimacy with yourself...
It is a shift in perception
in which direct contact
with spirit is made.

Deepak Chopra



Goddess Wisdom

Surrender and open to something greater.
Open to new experiences and integrate what the opening brings.
Connect with all the abundant, divine, cosmic, orgasmic Goddess energy
    available to you.
Take time to connect with and listen to your own deep enriching wisdom.
Meet challenges face to face.
Go within and strengthen your center.
Laugh and see the humor in all of life's challenges.
Acknowledge your fears and walk through them.
Stop using your creativity to find reasons not to create.
Give yourself the mothering you need to heal past wounds.
Surrender to the journey.
Learn to come home to yourself.
Embrace the unknown.
Give yourself pleasure daily.
Honor and listen to all parts of yourself.
Honor your sexuality...connect with that vital, primal, spiritual,
    regenerating energy and express it.
All crises are accelerated transformation points which bring opportunities.
Embrace experiences, risks and occasions that cause you to stretch.
Boundaries are vital...they let others know who you are and where you
Accept and acknowledge your feelings.
Move through your grief so the healing can come.
Open to the mystery and trust that it will bring you exactly what you need
    on your journey.
Focus your time and attention on your body, respect and give play to your
    senses and sensuality.
Embrace change, accept it , dance with it and be blessed with an
    abundance of possibility.
Connect with Mother Earth, open to her vital energy and give thanks.
Awaken to your potential and power.
Pay attention to all that life is telling you.
Don't let doubt erode your sacred self.
Don't waste valuable energy and time being a victim...recognize it and
    change the pattern by empowering yourself.
Nurture yourself with order that assists rather than chokes your life force.
Flow with your own unique beat rather than against it.
Choose your beliefs to serve your highest good.
Be aware of illusion, lift the veils, experience the reality and feel the
Take responsibility for your life...be "Queen of your domain".
Celebrate the power of your life's cycles.
Every step on the path of life is also a step toward death and rebirth.
Take in the sparkle and crackle of inspiration.
Engage in play.
Get in touch with your Wild Woman and integrate her.
Honor, respect and give time to yourself.
Learn to express anger and transform it so it empowers and energizes you.
Recognize your own needs and put them first.
Expand your awareness, experience the whole of creation to gain the
    perspective of other life forms.
Hold infinite space and patience for yourself first, then extend it to
Develop compassion for yourself.
See who you really are, accept what you see and strive to heal what needs
    to be healed.
Recognize and live from abundance.
Connect with, come to terms with and accept your power.
Accept the loving nature of justice which seeks to right all wrongs by
    administering the lessons needed.


Without the Goddess we're cut off from both
the full power of motherhood and
the power of creativity in the larger sense
because all of us have the capacity to birth something.
Christianity is a religion that needs a lot of healing
and a lot of waking up-to the lost Feminine side of God,
to its fear of sensuality, to its anti-Semitism,
and to its own lost mystical tradition.

                    Matthew Fox



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