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  • "The Goddess Remembered" - A Case of "False Memory Syndrome" From The Domain of the Patriarchy.
       This article is here because it is to show a different side.  That not everything can be proven from an intellectual standpoint. That history is based from a lot of theory. Even science is all theory and conjecture, you can look at anything and tear it apart.  For an opposing view this is well done.  The article is saying if you are going to make a statement be prepared to prove it.
       The point shows there is little proof and lots of theory from the pieces we puzzle over.  We can only theorize over our findings.
        So I include this article for every point has its opposite.  All different points of focus.  It matters not how we lived or who we are, as diverse as nature herself, it matters we have the freedom to love and worship as we will.  Equality between the sexes is equality within one self.  May the God (infinite within) honour the Goddess (infinite without).

Happily budding
Happily Budding

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