Priestesses Today

As priests and priestesses have always done, they serve the spiritual life of their community and hold open the lines of communication between the human and the spirit worlds.

by Jalaja Bonheim 'The Path of the Priest and the Priestess'

From where I sit 'Priestess for Gnostic Mass'
The Path of the Priest and the Priestess
Birthing as shamanic experience by Leslie McIntyre
Sacred sex and temple prostitutes: from ancient myths to modern realities

5.1 ... "Meditation" - 12"w X 34"h - Artist's collection
This helps me remember a deep peace and calm inside...helps me stay connected to the balance of earth and spirit. Qadishti is a mode of sacred loving and sexuality based on ancient Middle Eastern forms. The word Qadishti means "Holy Ones" and refers to the sacred temple prostitutes of antiquity.

Titikaka Priestesses priestesses such as Grandmother Mamani on the Island of the Moon.

Womanly World Transformation

'Womenly world transformation' from Anma's art

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