Wife of Tlaloc. Goddess of storms and water. Personification of youthful beauty, vitality and violence.

She was also the Lady of the Maintenance, the man was nourished by her so that he could live and multiply
. In this way, she is symbolically  the Nutritious Mother.

Chalchihuitlcue is the whirlpool, the wind on the waters, all young and growing things, the beginning of life and creation.

According to the Aztecs, our world is the fifth in a series; the fourth was destroyed by a great flood sent by Chalchiuhtilicue to punish humanity for its wickedness.  Before she did so, the goddess built a multicolored bridge into the Fifth World for the righteous - a bridge that reappears today, sometimes, as a rainbow.
  The "jade-skirted goddess" ruled all waters: earth's flowing steams, rain from the heavens, and the nourishing waters used for drinking and baptisms.  When painted or sculpted, the goddess was shown decked out in a jade necklace, turquoise earrings, a crown of iridescent blue feathers, and a skirt trimmed with water lilies.
Patricia Monaghan's The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines

The Goddess


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