Crow Owner Sticks

Owner sticks were used by the Crow of Montana to designate their belongings.  They were used to mark the position of an animal that had been hunted or food that had been gathered.  Sometimes the sticks were used to measure distances, and sometimes they were used in games.  Owner sticks were usually two to three feet (60 to 90 cm) long and specially designed by each family.  Attached to the sticks were feathers, leather, bone, carvings, fur, beads, fibers, dried seeds, or any other kind of material desired.


  • 2' (60cm) strong twig or dowel

  • shorter twigs or dowels

  • twine or colorful yarns

  • scissors

  • glue

  • various decorative items that can be attached to the stick


  1. Tie a shorter twig or dowel to the longer stick at right angels to form crossbeams.

  2. Wrap twine or yarn on sections of the stick.
    Tie or glue in place.

  3. Attach the decorative items to various locations on the stick.


This page last updated: 03/01/2018