Pacha Mama

In many South American countries the Earth Mother is given the name Pacha Mama. 'Pacha' means Earth, Infinity, the Divine and the Sacred.
Pacha Mama is therefore the Earth Mother, or the Divine in material form.

Pacha Mama encompasses the view that Earth is a living being. She is also the  personification of fertility and growth.

The ruined temple for the Pacha Mama

A list of South American Goddesses:

Axomama, Lady of Potatoes.  Her name means "Potato Mother." Potatoes have been the staple food of the peoples of the Andes since ancient days; they come in a wide variety, which are only now being discovered by distributors in industrialized nations.

Caipora, Lady of the Beasts.  Among Brazilians, She is a Goddess of the Wilderness. She protects animals from human hunters.

Chasca, Lady of the Dawn.  Among the Inca of Peru, She was honored as a Goddess of the Dawn and Twilight. She was the special Protectress of virgins and young girls.

Cocamama, Lady of Cocoa.  This tale from Peru recounts the creation of that most deliciously addictive food, chocolate. The ancient Peruvians believed coca brought health and happiness.

Mama Pacha, Mother Earth.  Mama Pacha was the Earth Mother of the Chincha of Peru. She oversees planting and harvesting. Some depict Her as a great dragon Who causes earthquakes.

Mama Quilla, Lady Moon.  In the Incan tongue, Her name means "Mother Moon" or "Golden Mother." She oversaw marriages, the calendar and feast days.

Nungui, Lady of the Manioc.  Among the Jivaro of Peru, She is an Earth Goddess Who oversees vegetation. She is honored as the Giver of Civilization. The manioc is Her special plant.

Star Woman, Heavenly Wife.  This is another tale of a supernatural woman who weds a mortal man. As told by the Chaco, Ge and Apinaye of Brazil, a woman brought agriculture to the people of earth.

Yemanja, Mistress Sea.  Originally an African Goddess, She is now worshipped through the Carribbean and along the Atlantic coast of South America, particularly in Brazil. She is the benevolent Goddess of the Sea.



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