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Who is the Goddess?
Summer 2004

  My youngest daughter at 4 asked “Who is the Goddess?” This is my reply…

  The Goddess is the earth; she is the plants and creatures, the water and mountains. She is nature. She is the mother that births us and feeds us. She is the boobs that nourish us, and the body that gives us life.
  She is the spirit within us that mothers and nurtures, loves and protects, is beautiful and sensitive. She is the changing spirit from spring to winter, young to old.

  She is all that is female as the young girl, the growing girl, the changing girl, the creative girl, the shy girl, the strong girl, the women, the lover, the mother, the warrior, the charmer, the dancer, the wise one… She is sacred and loves to be loved.
  She comes through each of us differently; she is as diverse as we are all different.

  Through the ages people worshiped the Goddess in her many different aspects…
  To the Hindu Devi is the Goddess in all her aspects as one. The Hindu worshiped many aspects of Devi. As Kali the fierce and scary aspect of nature, who makes us face our fears and be unafraid of change. As Sarasvati Goddess of all the arts and sciences. As Lakshmi the Goddess of material things who has money falling from her hands, as Pavati the lover who dedicates herself to her divine lover… and many many more.
  In the Middle East we learn of The High Mother Ishtar Goddess of Love, Fertility, Nature, Sex and War. Queen of Heaven. The full moon was her holiday a day of rest.
  To the Egyptians the Goddess is seen as Nuit the space that surrounds the stars and planets, the mystery of night. Her daughter Isis we see as the kind winged mother and priestess, as Bast the Goddess who ruled pleasure and dancing, music and joy. So many more to discover…
  To the Africans we find Oshun. She is beauty, sweetness, love and sensuality come to life and is renowned for her generosity. The arts, especially dance, are her domain.
  To the Greek we hear the story of the Goddess as Demeter the mother who looses her daughter Persephone to the underworld. When her daughter shows herself half of the year the mother is happy and makes it spring and summer, when the daughter leaves back to the underworld it becomes autumn and winter. The Greek had many goddesses Athena was the ruler of her people, wise and just. Aphrodite as the Goddess of Love and beauty. Artemis the virgin moon Goddess, roaming the forest with her bow and arrow avoiding men and killing any male who looks on her.
  The Celtic people had Cerridwen The lady of the cauldron who stirred magic in her pot. There was Bridgit worshiped as the triple goddess (maiden, mother and crone). She was a goddess of smith craft, poetry, inspiration and a healer. Only women were aloud in her temple. 
  From the native people of America we find butterfly maiden, from the hopi people, she rules springtime. Changing Women from the Apache called the Earth-Goddess by this name. White Buffalo woman reminded the Oglala, of the Midwestern forests and plains, of the mysteries of their mother, the earth. Urging them always to honor her, she disappeared in the shape of a white buffalo. Copper women of the North West tribes teaches that we are all cousins, because we are all grandchildren of First Mother.
  Pacha Mama is the name given in many South American countries as the Earth Mother. 'Pacha' means Earth, Infinity, the Divine and the Sacred.
  To the Asians we find Kwan Yin ‘she who hears the weeping word’ A Goddess of peace and generosity, dedicated to see all her people enlightened.
  To the Polynesians we see the Goddess Hina whom many stories are told. She is the goddess in all her aspects as lover, the moon, and one not to anger or she spits fire.
  Eingana is the Mother as the creator, to the aboriginals of Australia, maker of all water, land, animals, and kangaroos. This huge snake-goddess still lives, they say, in the ocean, rising up occasionally to create yet more life.
  So many, many, many different aspects and stories of the Goddess.

  But to me she is the earth our sacred mother the spirit of beauty and love, natural and free.

  Be aware that she feels your touch as you feel her. To touch with kindness is appreciated. Remember to thank her and be kind to the earth and each of her children. For she is old but spirited. And her children are young and learning.
Love is the greatest emotion of all to share. Love brings magic of the divine kind. It is the best medicine. To love is to heal, and the earth needs healing this mother, this garden we all share.

Ma Ma Ma Om Kali Ma Jai Kali Ma

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