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What is Tantra.  Tantra is union with the Divine.  White, Black, Red Tantra.  It has become part of the norm in sex circles to call tantra great sex.  So far on this page I (the webmaster :) ) have only listed links to both interesting sites and documents that have been found over the years.  We had not thought that we had to go into a lot of detail as most of our visitors are already versed in the art or at least have their basics.  How ever it's come to my attention that a number of newbie's to the art of Tantra have been visiting the site and are confused.  So over the coerce of this year 2003 I will be reorganizing this section so that it caters to both newbie and advanced practitioner alike.  Any suggestions or comments. make them here.

  1. A Note on Psychedelic Sexual Etiquette
  2. Alphaism energy control: Introduction to the Alphaism method of sexual energy control.
  3. Basic Techniques of Sex Magick
  4. Basic Yogic Breathing Control
  5. Becoming an expert at Oral Sex: What is cunnilingus?
  6. Being an essay on Sex and Sex Magick
  7. Chalice of Ecstasy
  8. Climax and Orgasm
  9. DETAILS@SWOON Tantric Sex
  10. Ecstasy to Enlightenment by Keith Hall & Bodhi Avinasha
  11. Eight aspects of tantric sex described
  12. Female PC Muscle- How can strengthening the female PC Muscle be important?
  13. Hyperspace Tantrics
  14. Male Multiple Orgasms
  15. Meditation: An absolute necessity for the Tantric Student
  16. Orgasmic Consciousness Breath by Suzie Hanuman
  17. Quantum Tantra
  18. Secrets of the G-Spot- What is the G-Spot?
  19. Sexual Currents of the Enochian Alphabet
  20. Shiva-'Shakti' Tools-for-Tantra
  21. Tantric Elements and their significance to the Practitioner.
  22. Tantric Purity and sexual rituals discussed.
  23. The Real Concept Of TANTRA
  24. The Shiva Sutras
  25. Theodor Reuss - Lingam-Yoni 1906
  26. What is Spiritual Sex?
  27. Women


  1. Chitrini Kanda: Tantric ritual to empower the Nadi of the Kanda
  2. Dianism: a powerful Tantric sexual ritual
  3. Maithuna: Ritual Preparation
  4. Ritual 1
  5. Ritual 2
  6. Ritual 3
  7. Rites for Kali and Sumukhi
  8. ShabdaBrahmin: a ritual of listening to the Kundalini
  9. Tesseract Magick


  1. ARTas Erotic Chinese Sculpture Gallery
  2. Kamasutra Gallery


  1. Deep throat Made Easy
  2. How to Have Energy Orgasms
  3. Fellatio: A 14 Lesson Tutorial
  4. Lingam Massage
  5. Yoni Massage

Other Tantric Sites

  1. Hindu Tantrik
  2. India Web Chakra
  3. Kundalini Tantra
  4. Making LOVE - A Tantra Meditation retreat for couples
  5. Male Control of Ejaculation
  6. Oceanic Tantra - Maui, Hawaii
  7. Sacred Sex
  8. Sexuality Library
  9. Tantra Links
  10. Tantra.com Art Gallery
  11. Tantra Goddess Sessions For Men
  12. Tantra Classes NY Area
  13. Tantra.com Home
  14. Tantra The Magazine Online
  16. Tantric Rites of DHÛMÂVATÎ
  17. Tantra Temple
  18. Tantra Yoga by SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA
  19. The Bones of Sex and Spirit
  20. The Church of Tantra
  21. The Clitoris During Intercourse
  22. The Kama Sutra Temple
  23. The Left Hand Path of Love
  24. The Magick of Sex


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